Carboniferous matt detailer 100ml finishing spray for carbon fibre cycling frames

Carboniferous Matt Frame Detailer 100ml

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Carboniferous Matt Detailer 

Finishing spray for matt finishes.

Use Carboniferous as a final touch detailing spray on your matt finish or naked carbon fibre frames. It’s designed to remove dust, light dirt and fingerprints but leave no residue at all; thus preserving the unique matt finish.

How too.

Spray Carboniferous onto a soft lint-free cloth and apply to your matt finish or naked (uncoated) carbon frame. Product evaporates during cleaning, to leave no residue (ensuring matt finishes are maintained). Can also be used on gloss surfaces, hard plastics etc. Take care when cleaning stickers/decals. If unsure of results, test on an inconspicuous area first.