Frame Scratch Removal

Posted by Ben Simonelli on

There are hundreds of ways to scratch your frame. From being damaged in transit through to light marks in the bush on a mountain bike ride. There is a simple solution to minimising (or removing) the mark.

Most scratches only damage the top clear coat. And though the scratch doesn’t penetrate the coloured paint, the light reflects off the sharp edges of the scratch to make it visible.

The crankalicious Mayo Juane frame polish is a cutting compound that will remove a small amount of the top coat. If the scratch is shallow this will remove it completely. If it’s deep it will reduce its visibility by reducing the depth and rounding the sharp edges. You are able to repeat this step on very deep scratches, gradually removing the clear coat into the scratch is not longer visible.

After polishing the scratch we recommend using Crankalicious crisp frame wax or Enduro frame sealant to reseal your frame.


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