Chain scrubbing machine!

Posted by Ben Simonelli on

Bike King recently added a new chain scrubbing tool to our range. With regular drivetrain maintenance your chains will last longer and gears will run smoothe.

Easily cleans your chain of grime and grit with out having to remove the chain from your bike. With a large reservoir for cleaning solution (we recommend using it with Crankalicious Limon Velo drivetrain cleaner) 

  • 2 step cleaning process 
  • Large reservoir 
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Extend the life of your chain with regular maintenance 
  • Perfect for Gravel, mountain and Road bikes

How to use 

Remove any excess grit and grime from the chain 

Remove the cap from the scrubber and install it on your chain. Place the cap back on top and install the handle. This will lock the scrubber closed. Fill the reservoir with Limon Velo Drivetrain cleaner. Rotate the peddles while holding the handle for as long as necessary to clean the chain 

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