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About Crankalicious

Born from a wealth of experience in car care products, with many awards to our name, we wanted to combine our passion of cycling with our knowledge and expertise in automotive detailing. Crankalicious was created.

We seek to create the best, most technically-proficient products possible, using the best quality ingredients we can find. We try to present them in the most convenient, ecologically-sound packaging. And they're handmade in small batches, in a small Essex town, not far from Stansted airport in the UK.

As keen cyclists, you will often find us trying to climb a mountain, riding a sportive or tackling...

Caring for your kit

One of the most expensive parts of cycling: your Lycra kit. It’s expensive for a reason with the top brands developing new protective elements and better fitting elastics designed for comfort and to last. The Crakalicious soapy kit wash was designed with this in mind. Giving your sports clothing a thorough clean while leaving them smelling and feeling fresh. Specificity formulated to protect your Lycra kit while while in the washing machine it can also be used as a hand wash solution or when necessary be poured directly on a stain 




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